Email Campaign Confessions

Email Campaign Confession #1: WIIFM?

This content marketing ninja was stoked about a big promotional email. Then he realized the promotion and content were way off target. See if this confession sounds at all familiar — because it’s one of the most common missteps in email marketing.

Email Campaign Confession #2: Third Time’s the Charm

When you send out an email with a prominent error, the correction or “oops” email really needs to be flawless. What happens if your correction email has another error? Aside from the inevitable #facepalm, you might be surprised by this marketer’s answer.

Email Campaign Confession #3: The Missing Link

See? It happens to email rockstars, too. An anonymous tale of a near-perfect email that had the product, offer and copy all in a pristine state, ready to convert hundreds of prospects to buyers … except for one small detail.

Email Campaign Confession #4: Not Enough Promotion

Sometimes, the problem isn’t inundating subscribers with email; it’s not sending them enough emails — and leaving money on the table. Even with a consistent schedule, are you taking advantage of all your opportunities? If not, what’s holding you back?

Email Campaign Confession #5: Subject Line Test

A seemingly innocuous subject line generated a wave of complaints - but it also won the split test. What would you do next?

Email Campaign Confession #6: Call to Action

Are you selling something, or just sending out information? What responses are you trying to encourage your readers to take — and are you stating that clearly enough? In other words, is your call to action missing in action?

Email Campaign Confession #7: Timing and Tie-Ins

When it comes to sending emails in tandem with postcards and direct mail, and follow-up reminders, how do you hit the right note?

Email Campaign Confession #8: It’s the Little Things

This email veteran sent a client’s campaign without an essential element. But there was a silver lining in the follow up steps …

Email Campaign Confession #9: Batch and Blast Disaster

A huge list is no guarantee for a huge response. Segmentation and sending relevant email to specific groups based on interests or status is a must these days. That lesson hit home for this long-time email marketer after a “batch and blast” campaign fell flat.

Email Campaign Confession #10: The Oops Email

Who hasn’t been forced to send the dreaded “Oops” email by now? Typically, it’s from not enough testing … but in this case, even a host of tests didn’t prevent the slip up. Hear how this email pro made the best of a bad situation.

Email Confessions [Official Promo Trailer]

Although this clip doesn’t feature real-life tales, it is based on actual events. Except for that last guy. Maybe. ;)

This parody video features a few rockstars from AWeber's Customer Solutions team. We used it to convey the concept and look-and-feel for the real interview clips with the email pros we recorded at the MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2012 in Las Vegas. (Yeah, we’re big-budget like that.)